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Minecraft 1.13.2 Hacked Client

Warning. I speak normally French, and my English is pretty bad, well, I think. I want to say sorry for all the mystakes you will find in this post. Also note that even if it's gonna be a French only speaking server, there will be an English category on the Forum for people that can't speak French as well. I take a chance, may be someone could be interested and join us !Hello to all players of Minecraft ! I'm here today to present my Minecraft server project: Hoparia ! But first of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Yan , I am 25 years old and I live in Canada. (Hey yeah, I'm from Quebec!) I've always been fascinated by fantasy worlds and universes. Fascinated by the author's vision of his creation, his perception of his world and the range of possible possibilities when we reach the fantastic. Today is my turn. In addition to writing , I am also a graphic designer . All the designs & interfaces you'll see, Launcher or In-game , I'll be related to this. I will also be a music producer for all the music of the game , and there will be many (one for each zones and dungeons). I know, we have a lot of work on the board, but all together, we will get there. Enjoy reading, and welcome to my Universe.Expected date for opening the server : About 1 year.Server version : 1.13.2 or 1.14 to see.Genre : MMORPG. Why create a simple MMORPG server when there are already millions on the Internet? Certainly, but translated 100% into French with commands? I do not know any for the moment.Server Engine : Spigot 1.13.2 (At the moment, we plan to update all the plugins at the appropriate time, we are already aware that the 1.14 is not even out yet, and that the plugins may not be up to date before next year. We are not in a hurry, it is precisely the dates we are aiming for the official release of the server.)Site Overview (The site is about 80% complete but functional, here are some screenshots)Launcher Design OverviewAnti-Cheat HopeHammer logo OverviewWe are currently building Joliandra, the Tutorial IslandFor fifteen long years, two continents have waged a merciless war.At the root of this conflict: the discovery of a powerful relicin the basements of Larance, the border town.Nowadays, Larance is nothing more than a field of ruins inin which Eastern activists clashand reckless fighters of Nostandril.In the distance, the frozen continent, Norendord, is watching for weaknessof the two belligerents to regain its former glory.Object of all desires, Hoparia sits at the center of both continentsand influences all those who have the misfortune to put their eyes on it.Live an adventure and make your own decisions withinthe Sakist Empire or the Nostandril Kingdom, bothbound by a future on which hovers the shadow of Hoparia!We are currently looking intensely for talented builders. We already have with us the wonderful Shino, Bury & Nik but we need a lot more ! We will therefore focus from the start on this portion of recruitment.Note that you must be 16 years old and over to be part of the Staff.We are currently looking for JAVA / C / PHP / HTML / CSS Developers for:[ CLOSED ]- Developer for the Launcher in Java[Available]- Web Developer (To hack Website (PHP / HTML / CSS)[Available]- JAVA Developer (Creation of custom plugins or mods for the server, or modification of already existing codes)[MORE OF THE PLACE]- Command translator (Compile / Decompile JAVA files to translate all server commands to client side only, ADMIN side can remain in English)[Available] We are also looking for some very good Builders / Terraformers to start building the island of departure: Joliandra, the island of the tutorial. There is construction to do (Palace, small village, gigenteste Zéplin / hot air balloon / flying ball etc ...)[Available] We are also looking for people comfortable with Spigot plugins , someone who is doing great.(configurators, play in configs and adjust stuff)[CLOSED] We are looking for writer to write the long version of the story. You can read the short version by going to the Historysection of our website.[Available] We are also looking for a videomaker for our trailer (less urgent that anyway)If ever my project speaks to you, write to me.OrangCrsh#0596

Minecraft 1.13.2 Hacked Client


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