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Attack On Titan: Humanity In Chains 3DS ROM (US... EXCLUSIVE

Your ODM is also the best way to start slashing away at those oversized monsters terrorizing humanity. Taking full advantage of the Scouts' unique kit, Attack on Titan's combat involves locking onto various contact points of an enemy with 'Y', flying towards them, swords drawn, with 'X', and timing a final button press to execute a precision cut. As soon as you start your approach, a red circle appears on the screen, along with another blue ring shrinking towards it from the edges - hit the 'X' button again when the blue ring is inside the red one and you'll nail a critical hit, doing much more damage in the process. Normal attacks leave you open to Titan retaliation, but if you hold the Circle Pad to the left or right as you're locked on, you can perform a Rotating Slash; these cyclone slices shield you from attack, but they also make the red critical circle significantly smaller, and require near-perfect timing to pull off.

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains 3DS ROM (US...




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