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Badi Soch Ka Bada Jadu Hindi Pdf Free 44

Badi Soch Ka Bada Jadu Hindi Pdf Free 44

Badi Soch Ka Bada Jadu (The Magic of Thinking Big) is a self-help book by David J. Schwartz, a motivational writer and coach. The book was first published in English in 1959 and has sold over six million copies worldwide. It has been translated into many languages, including Hindi, and is available as a free PDF download on some websites .

The main idea of the book is that thinking big is the key to success in life. The author argues that people who think small or negatively limit their potential and miss out on opportunities. He suggests that anyone can achieve their goals and dreams by changing their mindset and attitude, and by following some practical steps and principles. He also provides examples and stories of people who have overcome challenges and achieved great things by thinking big.

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Some of the topics covered in the book are:

  • How to develop a positive self-image and confidence

  • How to overcome fear and worry

  • How to set and achieve goals

  • How to think creatively and solve problems

  • How to communicate effectively and persuade others

  • How to develop leadership skills and inspire others

  • How to cultivate good habits and attitudes

The book is divided into 13 chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of thinking big. The chapters are:

  • Believe You Can Succeed And You Will (आप सफल ह सकते हैं और आप हंगे)

  • Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease (बहनं क बमर से छुटकर पएं)

  • Build Confidence And Destroy Fear (आत्मवश्वस बनएं और डर क मटएं)

  • How To Think Big (बड़ सचने क तरक)

  • How To Think And Dream Creatively (रचनत्मक रूप से सचने और सपने देखने क तरक)

  • You Are What You Think You Are (आप वह हैं ज आप सचते हैं)

  • Make Your Attitudes Your Allies (अपने रवैये क अपन सहर बनएं)

  • Think Right Toward People (लगं के प्रत सह सचें)

  • Get The Action Habit (क्रय क आदत डलें)

  • How To Turn Defeat Into Victory (हर क जत में कैसे बदलें)

  • Use Goals To Help You Grow (अपन वृद्ध के लए लक्ष्य क प्रयग करें)

  • How To Think Like A Leader (नेत क तरह सचन सखें)

  • The Magic Of Thinking Big In Action (बड़ सचने क जदू कम में)

The book is written in a simple and engaging style, with exercises and questions at the end of each chapter to help the reader apply the concepts. The book is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their personal or professional life, and achieve more happiness and success.

Badi Soch Ka Bada Jadu is a book that can inspire and motivate anyone to think big and act big. It is a book that can change your life, if you are willing to follow its advice and principles.


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